Tips For Periodontal Treatment Recovery

Dr. Akram E. Rafla | 06/22/2021

Periodontal disease can lead to tooth loss when not treated by a periodontist. Learn how to recover from surgery by meeting with a member of our team.


Is Periodontal Disease Reversible?

Dr. Akram E. Rafla | 06/14/2021

Periodontal disease can cause bleeding and swollen gums. Learn how gingivitis and gum disease can be prevented with help from a trusted periodontist.


Can a Periodontist Place Your Dental Implants?

Dr. Akram E. Rafla | 06/08/2021

Are you looking for a missing teeth solution? An experienced periodontist can place dental implants to improve the health and condition of your smile.


What To Look For In A Periodontist Near Me

Dr. Akram E. Rafla | 05/28/2021

Gum disease treatment is necessary for protecting your teeth and gums. Learn how to choose the right periodontist for keeping your mouth healthy.


What Happens If Gum Disease Goes Untreated?

Dr. Akram E. Rafla | 05/21/2021

Symptoms of gum disease range from red and swollen gums to tooth loss. Learn about the long-term risk of gum disease by meeting with a periodontist.


Tips For Keeping Your Gums Healthy At Home

Dr. Akram E. Rafla | 05/14/2021

Brushing your teeth and using mouthwash are both great ways to prevent problems like gum disease. Learn how to improve your periodontal health here.


Top Reasons Dental Implants Are a Great Investment

Dr. Akram E. Rafla | 05/07/2021

Dental implants are a wonderful missing teeth solution for patients. Discover how dental implants improve your overall appearance and oral health.


Is Scaling and Root Planing Effective for Periodontal Disease?

Dr. Akram E. Rafla | 04/30/2021

Scaling and root planing is recommended for patients with red or bleeding gums. Read how we perform nonsurgical gum disease treatment at our office.


How Is A Periodontist Different Than A Dentist?

Dr. Akram E. Rafla | 04/27/2021

While dentists specialize in dental care, a periodontist offers options for periodontal treatment. Learn the difference between these two fields here.


Can Your Diet Be Connected to Gum Disease?

Dr. Akram E. Rafla | 04/25/2021

Proper oral hygiene begins by eating healthy meals at home. Learn how diet and gum disease are connected and prevent issues like periodontal disease.


Will Dental Implants Last Forever?

Dr. Akram E. Rafla | 04/17/2021

Do you have missing teeth or a gap in your smile? Dental implants from a trusted periodontist in Worcester, MA, can help patients with tooth loss.


How Does a Periodontist Treat Gum Disease?

Dr. Akram E. Rafla | 03/29/2021

Gum disease should be treated right away to stop issues like tooth loss. Pick an experienced periodontist like Dr. Rafla to treat sore gums and more.


Warning Signs of Periodontal Disease

Dr. Akram E. Rafla | 03/12/2021

What are some well-known gum disease symptoms? Learn about the many warning signs of periodontal disease and how our advanced treatments can help.


Are Dental Implants A Good Solution for Missing Teeth?

Dr. Akram E. Rafla | 03/04/2021

Dental implants are a long-term solution for missing teeth. See how dental implants work and how they improve the health and appearance of your smile.


Surgically Clean Air

Akram Rafla Team | 09/11/2020

We’re pleased to announce this exclusive agreement with Surgically Clean Air


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